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How Do We Get You More Customers?

Let us be your “word of mouth” advertising!

We introduce new residents to your business even before they walk in your door!

New residents feel “welcomed” by you when they get a personal invitation and recommendation from us to do business with you. New residents typically spend more money in their first year of residence than any other time: setting up their new digs and making their new place a “home.” They need new doctors, furniture, painters, plumbers, hair stylists, mechanics and most importantly, a sense of normalcy and belonging.

We can help you become their new source of comfort when everything around them seems so foreign. Word of mouth advertising has proven to be much more effective than any other advertising medium PLUS it’s a little old fashioned and sweet.

We care and are a friendly face; most of us yearn for human interaction at vulnerable times like this (moving is one of the most stressful!)

Warm Welcomes does all the initial footwork for you and delivers first class results. We design and print coupons, link your name and website to ours and email you monthly reports. There are no contracts; we charge a monthly fee that is both affordable and measurable.

Contact us for a price sheet to be emailed you. Your business grows when you let us be your personal welcome mat!

Why Do This?

New Residents search for new services and we point them in your direction. They feel welcomed by your generosity and will be more inclined to do business with you. We talk about your business, your uniqueness, location, experiences with you; it’s “controlled” word of mouth advertising. After our visit; it’s up to you to pack the most punch by following up with your service and friendliness.

How Do I Join?

A sign up fee of $125 includes design and printing of 500 full color gift certificates. The cost to advertise your business is $5 per visit plus a $11 monthly gift fee. Each month we email a report of the households we visit, so you may follow up by mail, email, or phone call. This is an affordable way to advertise to newcomers and there are no contracts involved.

The Well

A major piece of who we are at The Well centers around people and hospitality. We want you to know you’re supposed to be here and that we are so glad! We also realize that when people first move to a new place, or experience transition in life, it can feel overwhelming and a journey to figure out all the pieces of your new community/the next phase of life. With that said, we LOVE welcoming new friends at The Well, whether they are shopping at The Well Thrift Store, volunteering, or receiving love and resources through The Well Resource Center! Who we are as an organization and the relational hospitality service Lori provides directly connect. We really appreciate how Lori and her team genuinely welcome and care for people when they have a big transition in their life, and we are grateful for such an incredible service through Warm Welcome’s to You that helps people know all this community has to offer. We’ve seen the fruit of this service as people enter The Well for the first time thanks to the diligence of Lori and her team to walk people through all of their options. Last, but certainly not least, Lori is the epitome of bright, warm and inviting, and we are grateful she gets to be the first impression for many, to this incredible community!

Bos Landen

This is a welcome program on “steroids”—you really sell the community. I haven’t seen anything like this before!

Vander Ploeg Bakery

We get cards coming in all the time from new residents so we KNOW we are reaching new people in town. We think WW is doing a good job promoting our business!

Ulrich Meat Market

Ulrich Meat Market loves being a Warm Welcomes sponsor! It gives us a chance to celebrate life events like moving to a new home or having a new baby with those in our community. In a small community it is so important to support each other. Warm Welcomes provides a great service connecting all of us through their outreach. Celebrating these life events together is a blessing in itself, but being able to treat them with a delicious #UlrichSmokedMeats treat is as fun for us, as we hope it is for them. #warmwelcomes #happyhearts


The Warm Welcomes program has helped us effortlessly grow our business by reaching new customers as they come to town. The response rate from the program is very high and new customers are excited to try our pizza. 

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