Looking for ways to attract new to town people or those with growing families? View how we can help your business!

Welcome Home!

We delight in making your new move or your new arrival a celebratory event!

We feature sponsors we highly recommend. Our offers are “special invitation only” exclusively for newcomers or new parents designed to let you fully experience the star quality of our award sponsors.


This service is complimentary to all newcomers and new parents; the offers are paid for by the generous sponsors we represent.

We want to be part of your housewarming to town!


Be hospitable and entice our newcomers to take a look at your store. Everything is new to them and they are happy to see everything there is to offer here.


This is your home now. Your job is to explore and we’ll tell you about businesses you need to know about. This is totally worth getting and is a MUST do when you arrive into Pella. Businesses? You’ll want to be in the bag! It’s the FIRST place people look when they get here.


One of these commemorative canvas bags filled with a campfire coffee cup, gift cards + goodies will be yours for the asking! Just fill out this online form and tell us how you want it.

Businesses: Get in the bag! What are you waiting for?