Emily Van Zante


Hi! I’m Emily Van Zante. We deliver gift bags full of coupons and information intended to help you make a smooth transition to your new lifestyle. We recommend a variety of local businesses we think you will be happy working with. Please call if you are new in town or if you would like to join our welcome program.

LeAnn Bird
New Resident Greeter


Hi! My name is LeAnn Bird. My husband, Erin, and I moved to Waverly in July 2012. We have four awesome children, ranging from elementary school to high school, and we recently acquired a fifth “child” who is an international student at Wartburg!

I enjoying dating my husband, volunteering in the schools, drinking a chai latte over conversation with a friend, and imagining that I have time to scrapbook.

As newcomers to Waverly, we’ve recently experienced the transitions that come with moving a family to a new town. I look forward to providing you with a Warm Welcomes packet to help introduce you to this great community. Please contact me to set up a time that works best for you.